Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Norway in Rain

We awoke to lots of rain in Bergen so a lovely leisurely start to the day with skyping family back home took most of the morning. We then put on rain gear and headed down into the historic part of Bergen. We went on a guided tour and discovered more about the Hanseatic League, Meryl remembered learning about them in school. We also found a room set up for the resistance in the war. A man told us all about what happened there and at the end told us one of the resistance group was his dad.
Bergen old town
Looking across the Bergen harbour

A quick flight then took us to Stavanger. Glenn had been excited for a long time about our walk to Pulpit Rock, this amazing flat rock sticking out over the fjord. Sadly due to the weather we couldn't walk there, far to slippery (not a cop out, people there told us it wouldn't be safe!) However all was not lost. We took a ferry along the Fjord and saw the famous rock. We sat with a couple from Guernsey and found it very interesting to hear about the island. We were thankful the rain stopped for a while and stood out on the deck and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. Stavanger has a museum about the Norway oil industry which we found interesting and is a really attractive town.

Pulpit Rock

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