Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Norway in a Nutshell

Your occasional correspondent returns after a long break. 

We had two days in Oslo (where we had great weather and were well cared for by Meryl's very nice Norwegian friends). We got up early on the Monday morning (this being an unusual occurrence) and began our Norway in a nutshell tour with a light drizzle (what could we expect after the luck we have had all over Europe).

The bus ride took us out of Oslo and into the typical Norwegian countryside, very green grass, pine trees and silver birch.

We were dropped about an hour out of Oslo at a train station where we boarded the train which gradually took us up the mountains from 188m to about 950 m. We went past lots of lovely lakes. Near the top and after passing through a 10km tunnel the scenery changed dramatically to snow and barren rock and lakes.

Off the big train and onto the old historical train and down the mountain to Flam past spectacular waterfalls and gorges.

Kjosfossen Waterfalls

Finally onto an express catamaran (60kms hr) for a boat trip through the Sognefjord and around to Bergen.

Certainly Norway in a Nutshell!

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  1. We loved it there too. That's where we heard an American say."Oh, This is just like New Zealand!" We hadn't been to NZ at that stage, and wondered why we'd travelled to the other side of the world to see something similar to what was just across the ditch!
    It was worth seeing Norway though. Glad you had some fine weather.