Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Take 3 Steps, Take a Photo, Ooh Ah

Thirty years ago almost to the day I visited Lauterbrunnen and thought it was one of the most beautiful places on earth. When planning this trip I said we need to go to Lauterbrunnen and spend a few days there. It was every bit as lovely as I remembered and became a highlight for all of us.

The day we arrived was very wet so necessities like shopping and washing were attended to. The next day started a little cloudy but the forecast was fairly good so we decided to take the cable car to Grimmelwald and walk along the top of the cliff above Lauterbrunnen going through Murren, Winteregg (Glenn said the restaurant here has the best view in the world) and finishing at Grutschalp. The weather became magnificent and we briefly toyed with going up the Schilthorn but decided the walk would be wonderful with beautiful blue skies. Most of the time we had staggeringly beautiful views of the Jungfrau, Monck and Eiger Mountains. We ended a delightful day with the cable down to Lauterbrunnen and a walk through the valley back to our lovely swiss chalet.

The walk up to Murren.

The Eiger.
The Eiger, Monck and Jungfrau.
The Lauterbrunnen valley from the cable car
on the way down. 

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  1. Such wonderful photos! Must be even better to be there in such great weather. The sky is so clear.I am enjoying seeing all your photos.