Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next!

The Jungfraujoch, I had heard many people speak of the experience. Ian and Meryl had me believing it was heaven on earth. My anticipation was at fever pitch. Much planning had gone into what we would do each day and when to do the train trip to the Top of Europe (can you imagine the 4 of us in our planning sessions!). The morning dawned with clouds but an expectation of good weather. We boarded our train and began the 2 hour jouney to the height of 11,782 feet. Oh no it was foggy with very poor visibility when we arrived, had our planning been a disaster! We walked out to the snow path, Glenn sat in the Snow Bar as the 3 intrepid Joyces headed off into thick white snow. Meryl sank and Keith had a go, he liked being shorter for a change. We looked at each other in delight as the sun started to shine through and the view emerged. Joy shone in our faces (sorry, I am going overboard). What an incredible place, being in the sky amongst the snow! What a day! but the altitude certainly takes it out of you and we were very tired when we came down to earth.

Our first view.

Meryl liked being as tall as Keith.

How does the snow stay on the mountain?

The Glacial Valley

The Jungfrau

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