Saturday, 11 June 2011

St Moritz- Playground for the Rich and Us!

Clouds and patches of rain have clung to us and the mountains in St Moritz but don't worry Fran, we don't blame you! However we have seen St Moritz for a short while bathed in sunshine and otherwise have seen some fantastic views, even though they haven't been seen in their full glory. We took the Bernina Express (scenic train) through the mountains yesterday and enjoyed a very relaxing train ride on a track that looped under itself and zigzagged back and forward up and down the mountain.

View of St Moritz lake on the way to the station

Glacier seen from train

We walked home after the train ride and
enjoyed the sun over the lake

Today we had planned a fantastic walk along the mountain edge but had to be satisfied with two rides up a mountain gondola and funicular and with the view down the Engadine Valley. We did have an hours walk down the smaller mountain back home which was very enjoyable. We are certainly out of our shorts at the moment and had the full gear on this afternoon as we were up 2,400 metres, the altitude did make you feel rather breathy. We sat for ages on the mountain edge watching as the clouds raced towards us, quite a sight.

We head to Varenna tomorrow and according to weather reports we should expect sunny and warm temps. WE HOPE!

A big hello to all our faithful followers, it is so nice to know you are all interested in what we are doing.

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