Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Invention of the Devil.

Thirty years ago Mum and Dad came to Europe. When Dad arrived home he said 'Doonas are the invention of the devil.' We always thought he was overstating this and now all use doonas. But now I know what he means. In Austria double beds are 2 single beds in one frame. And they've never heard of such a thing as a double doona. Also you never get a sheet and normally boil with the doona on you. Mum told us that the first thing Dad used to do when he got to the room was pull the doona out of the cover. The last few nights I have resorted to that approach. Some nights I tried pegging the doonas together. I asked our bike guide can you get double beds in Austria and he said not really but some flash hotels have them and call them 'French beds'.


  1. I understand completely! I particularly hate that there is no sheet!

  2. I particularly like the peg approach. The pulling out the doona approach sounds like it could work really well. How inventive you Aussies are!
    Oh well... I think you'll survive. Just keep looking at those spectaclaur views and maybe you'll forget all about the pesky,skinny poor things!