Sunday, 12 June 2011

Meryl's Miracles Do Happen!

There are times when Meryl's interminably positive attitude can get me (Keith) down but on this occasion she was right!  Yesterday we had an unfortunately dull day in the beautiful resort town of St Moritz.  The deal we went to bed with was if there was a dramatic change in the weather then the first up should rouse the others and we would go up the Muottas Muragl mountain early before heading off to the Italian Lakes.

Well surprise surprise Meryl sticks her head into Kathy and my bedroom at 8am saying excitedly that there was blue sky and we needed to move.  I was still half asleep and groaned skeptically at the notion that the weather had changed so dramatically especially as a quick look out our window showed low cloud on the mountain.  Nonetheless as we have complete faith in our dear sister we roused ourselves and headed off to breakfast.  From the hotel we could not see the mountain in question but, in faith, we headed off to Muottas Muragl.  As it turned out she was right and we had some magnificant views of a fabulous landscape.

We then drove south to Lake Como in Italy.  We were greeted with a sunny warm day more in keeping with our general weather on this trip.  After finding the hotel I wondered to Glenn as we stood at reception - Where are the rooms?  The hotel is on the side of the hill overlooking the lake.  It turns out we had to travel up 2 yes 2 funiculars and a lift to get to our rooms but the view is unbelievable as the pictures will show.  We had a lovely afternoon pottering about taking James Carter shots of the village laneways and eating icecream.  A planned cruise on the lake was abandoned in favour of sitting on the balcony gazing at the view.  The shots are great.  Enjoy.

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