Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Schilthorn - A Chance to Bond!

Thanks to its panoramic cabins, the 32 minute aerial cableway journey itself promises a simply stunning experience.  The trip leads past cascading waterfalls and craggy rock faces.  A fantastic 360 degree panoramic spectacle of the entire alpine region greets you as you arrive on the Schiltorn! As you sit in comfort in the world's first revolving mountain restaurant, a breathtaking high alpine mountain panorama of 200 peaks glides silently and majestically past.

After I wrote these words I was shocked to find them repeated in a magazine on the Jungfrau region but I suppose when you have summed up the place so eloquently it is not surprising that others want to use your words (well actually it happened the other way round as we have stolen their words) but it is a special place.  I saw it with Kiri 7 years ago covered in snow.  Today it was not covered in snow but the sky was blue and the view dazzling.  The place was the scene of the start of a Bond movie (the one with the boy from Queanbeyan) and they make a lot of it - even though it was made in 1968.  Thus the reference to bonding in the title (you didn't think that after living together for 50 years and travelling together for 9 weeks we needed anymore bonding did you!!) 

We made a lot of the breakfast.  Glenn has a strong commitment to breakfast (and eating in general) so when presented with the possiblity of breakfast at the top of mountain he was keen.  The breakfast was lovely and the accompanying view really topped it off. 

The Schilthorn Revolving Restaurant.

Can you spot where we were the day before?
On Jungfraujoch.

After conquering the peaks we had one last Lauterbrunnen challenge to fulfill.  The boys were reluctantly dragged from a brief respite to satisfy Meryl's lasting memory - the walk from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen.  The memory was worth reliving as we wandered down the mountain gazing up the glorious valley before us.  "Lauterbrunnen - a very special experience" (Kathy Joyce 2011)

The view from our chalet.


  1. Good Morning from Perth, it's early hear but thought I'd see what your up too. Sounds like the trip is getting to be a real chore for you all. NOT!! Sounds fantastic and the photos are great. Glad your all still bonded after so much time on the road together and yes I agree with Glen breakfast is important. I'm a little surprised though that no mention of Coffee was made but no doubt Glen is enjoying some coffee along the way as well. Thanks for the post card Kathy we got it this week.

    Enjoy the rest of the trip, Lots of love Tez

  2. Hi guys

    You simply cannot overstate the beauty of the Lauterbrunnen Valley - it truly is a magical place and one of our favourites too. Nothing beats the walk down from Wengen to the valley floor. Are you going to the Trummelbach Falls? They are well worth the visit.

    Take care

    Fran, James, Laura and Grace

  3. AWWW WHEN WE WENT THERE THERE WAS A BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!!!We still had fun going up

    OPPS caps lock

  4. That brings back memories of over 30 years ago!!!! We had lunch up there and it was fantastic. Great pictures!

  5. Those views are spectacular. What great weather you've had!

  6. The most beautiful place in the whole wide world.