Friday, 8 April 2011

France Itinerary

Paris 19th -23rd April
Rouen 23rd April
Etretat 24th April
Caen 25th -26th April
Mont-Saint Michel 27th April
St Malo 28th April
Tours 29th- 3rd May
Dijon 3rd - 5th May
Annecy 5th - 7th May
Provence - Buis-les-baronnies 7th - 14th May
Grasse 14th May


  1. The next piccie I want to see you all wearing berets, sitting in a Parisian cafe along The Chomps Elyssseee('cuse spelling I only did Italian at skool!)...Promise?
    bon voyage. Megan xox

  2. Not sure about the berets but we'll certainly be sitting in a Parisian cafe.

  3. Well Anzac Day should be at Villers-Bretonneaux! Should I keep an eye out for Keith?

  4. Sadly Steve (Jason) we are heading in the other direction. We will be going to see the D Day beaches amoung other things.

  5. missed out by that much... said with best Maxwell Smart accent.