Monday, 25 April 2011

Last Days in Paris

We are just getting our things packed ready for an early ride to the airport to collect the car tomorrow morning. We are heading back to the Eiffel Tower tonight to see the lights because last night we spent so long in the queue that we missed the best of them. Eventually we made it to the top and the night lights looked great but the wait was rather tedious. Keith and I have certainly noticed the huge crowds compared to our time here 7 years ago. Today dawned with beautiful sunny skies again and we headed to the Louvre. What a huge place, for awhile there I thought we may never get out. We saw, of course, the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Napoleon the Third's apartments which were amazing and lots of other art as you can imagine. Four hours later with tired legs but cultured minds we headed to a patisserie and had quiches that melted in the mouth and desserts to die for, lots of walking required to burn those calories up! This afternoon was a little more leisurely with a trip to the Conciergerie where they kept prisoners before they were beheaded, the crypt under Notre Dame and a wander in the Jardin du Luxembourg (a lovely garden). Tomorrow we head to Monet's Garden which should be great. Talk soon!

Napoleon's Apartments


Rodin's sculpture garden
plus two sexy men

Keith loved this shot of Meryl taking Glenn in the Paris hotel.
She didn't realise she was in the mirror.

Eiffel Tower at night


  1. Thank God she has a towel on! Mum!!!

  2. I can't find the two sexy men are they in the background some where.