Friday, 29 April 2011

Walking on walls

 We are sitting in a rather unusual hotel room with the shower visible as part of the room and only the toilet separate! It is rather cute and authentic. We had to wait while the room was cleaned so Meryl and I went into a local shoe shop and bought one pair of shoes each. It was fun attempting to try the shoes on with the lady having as much English as we have of French but she was lovely and we are happy with our purchases, they do make great shoes here.

This morning we went to a place called Cancale and went for a walk to see fantastic views of the coastline. Then we drove to Dinard, a thriving beach resort where they even have sand! Finally we went to the walled city of Saint Malo which we found very interesting. Biscuits seem to be a specialty here and we thought we better try some out, very different but yummy. Meryl tried the other specialty, sardines, there was one whole shop dedicated to sardines of every variety!!
Keith's arty shot looking
through the Dinan bridge
Dinan Port
Cancale Port
View from Point Du Grouin
Saint Malo

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