Sunday, 1 May 2011

A Touch of Class

The Fab Four have now alighted in the Valley of the Kings - the Loire Valley. We first visited the gardens of Villandry. These are the most elaborate vege gardens you have ever seen. Around the veges are a very ordered garden full of sculptured hedges. There were also some lovely flower gardens and a couple of white swans. The work to keep these gardens in the immaculate condition they are in must be enormous. Then onto the home of Sleeping Beauty. Usse Chateau was the inspiration for the author of Sleeping Beauty but unfortunately the castle was expensive and not particularly impressive. We then went to some pretty villages on the river with a nice panorama over the joining of two major rivers.

The highlight of the day was Chinon fortress. A major location for the French and English monarchy. The first three Kings to live here were English. It was a most impressive fortification explained to us by a lovely french women as our exclusive guide.

Today we have seen the most impressive of the Chateaus. The Chateau de Chenonceau is a beautiful building set over water surrounded by nice gardens. The Chateau has a checkered history with the King giving it to his mistress who was promptly kicked out by his wife after he died (not surprising). Then onto Amboise Chateau, another residence with a royal history, and has the claim to fame that Leonardo de Vinci died and is buried there.

We have been rubbing shoulders with royalty and perhaps it is starting to rub off. We are feeling a bit regal if in need of a bit a rest (especially poor Keith who is having trouble shaking a cough).

The vegetable gardens in Villandry


Some layabouts in the gardens

Usse, the fairy tale castle

Chinon Fortress

Chenonceau Chateau

The fire places were amazing

Amboise Chateau

Morning tea! Can you guess who ate what?


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  2. This is my guess:
    Kathy: Raspberry tart
    Mum: Lemon delicious pie thing
    Keith: Thing in front
    Dad: Thing at the back

    They all look delicious! Who did eat what?

  3. I'd like to eat them all! They look so yummy! You have seen some amazing sights.

  4. I am pretty sure these photos are copied straight off the internet. They look picture perfect!

    Hope you guys are enjoying your travels :)

  5. Penny - close but not quite. Meryl and Kathy shared the one at the front and the rasperry one at the left. Keith had the yellow flan on the left and Glenn had the rum covered one at the back.

  6. Hi Daryl Do you think they put one of the 3 of us in the travel brochure?!! We are pretty happy with our photos. We are going to so many beautiful places and the weather has been so good it is hard not to get lovely shots.

  7. Fantastic pics and those deserts omg you will be back at the gym when you get back :).

    Hate to say Glenn but canberra got wooped the other day.

    Take care and keep the pics coming.