Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sickness and then to Dijon, hot stuff!

After two days of visiting the Chateau and forts around Tours we decided to have a quiet day. Luckily because young Mr Keith finally succummed to his throat/chest infection, which he had been fighting valiantly (like all good men!) for about a week. We asked the lovely people at the Hotel Ronsard to arrange for an SOS (Dr visit) for the patient.

The Doc confirmed that he needed some medicine to clear up the chest, you will be all glad to hear he is on the mend.  Meryl and Kathy got his script filled at the biggest pharmacy ever (you had to take tickets and line up).

Kathy, Meryl and your erstwhile correspondent did a walk around Tours. We went to the museum of de arts and asked them to "Show me the Monet (Ian - Gerry Mcguire! ) They had one - not his best and a Ruebens which was good.

Today we drove 4 hours from Tours (west) to Dijon (south east) and are staying at the not miserable Victor Hugo Hotel (nearly exhausted my puns for the day).  We were on the big motorways and were doing a 130 km most of the time. The toll for the day was euro 38.30 (ouch!)

We went to the Tourism office and got some maps and started walking around the trails which are a series of owls on the pavement, you follow them and read about important locals etc.

We were standing looking lost as we were looking to work out how to get to a garden (jardin) and a lovely french lady came to our rescue ( I think she felt sorry for the oldies especially the slowly recovering Keith). Any way she then preceeded to spend 15 minutes offering all sorts of lovely advice on what to do in Dijon and around the wine areas.  We said we didnt drink which shocked her, she delighted in explaining all the good things we could do in Burgundy and then said even if you drink water (A gaelic dig at the Aussies who don't drink - very amusing)

Her name was Sofie and we dedicated our walk around the gardens, river and canal to her.  We said to her how we thought she showed the image of french people was not true - she said no it was deserved!
The architecture of Dijon was interesting

We liked the mixture of old and new.

Gargoyles on Notre Dame church

The local vege market, we have been enjoying our fruit!

We followed the owl trail around Dijon. It was really well done.

The Dijon museum, regarded as the second best in France

Meryl and I considered buying these dresses! Only cost about 570 euros!!!!!

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