Friday, 6 May 2011

The Definition of Beauty - Lake, Mountains and Snow - According to Keith!

Keith's friend Gaynor brought him and Kiri to Annecy 7 years ago and he was determined that we should come to one of the most beautiful spots on earth. It hasn't disappointed. The weather has been perfect, the water sparkling and clear and the scenery is spectacular. Yesterday we saw it from the water when we went on a boat trip and at night when we strolled in the old town. Today we hired bikes and rode around the edge. It was just lovely except for our sore bodies afterwards and Glenn's knee is very sore. We are hoping for a quick recovery. Our hotel owner suggested a dinner place with large salads and lovely deserts. We tried very hard to pronouce the french words from our phrase book and the waiter was pleased with our efforts and rewarded us with free drinks. We enjoyed it so much we went there both nights. This afternoon we drove high up into the mountains to see the views from above, apart from Glenn having to back up several times and squeeze over to the side it was delightful. Anyway without further ado here are the photos.

Castle from the Boat

In the Old Town

The Old Town at Night

The Salad!!

The Morning Haze over the
Folding Mountains seen on our ride

On the Bike Ride

We have been amazed by the many Paragliders

The View from high in the Mountains

The Snow Capped Mountains


  1. Your photos just keep getting better and better! What a magnificent view from high in the mountains! Wow, you weren't kidding about those huge salads!! Did you have one each or did you share?

  2. Another gorgeous place to visit! Well done riding the bikes too.

  3. I just LOVE Annecy - your pictures of the old town and the surrounding areas are fabulous. I don't envy you trying to choose which ones to make a photobook from when you return.
    Keep up the clicking away!