Friday, 13 May 2011

The Villages Three - Diverse and Delightful

After researching the villages around Buis we decided on a trip to discover 3 different villages. We thought we were going to see different perched villages but we were soon to discover 3 very varied places.

Village 1 - Fountaine de Vaucluse - a gorgeous town with a clear, green river running through the middle. It was the town where the spring begun that ran through the aqueduct at Pont du Gard.  It also had a museum about the French resistance during World War 2 which we did find very interesting even though all the displays were in French. They had an audio in English made things a little clearer!

Village 2 - Gordes - is one of the very famous perched villages of Provence and it certainly is that! We were amazed that anyone would build a town on the side of a hill but nearly a thousand years ago they were wanting to protect themselves from attack. I can't imagine living in such a place, you would develop very strong legs walking to the shops and back!

Village 3 - Roussillon - this village surprised me the most, we felt like we could have been in Central Australia as we looked at these huge ochre cliffs. We went on a walk down through the ochre which was really stunning, beautiful green trees mixed through it really added to the effect. The village was also perched on a hill but looked quite different to Gordes because the houses are made from the ochre.

We all found it a most interesting day. Again we were blessed with great weather, it was about 29 degrees so with lots of walking in that heat we were pretty weary when we arrived home.

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