Sunday, 22 May 2011

On top of Austria

Your infrequent correspondent is back.

Left lovely Venice and our great apartment where we ate lovely home cooked food. The local cafe served coffees and cake for euro 2.40!! Lucky we have moved on or our stomachs would be expanding (more).

We then went to the Glossglockner road in Austria which I had been wanting to see. I had expected the road and view from it to be good but it was more than a nice road. We were so close to the mountain and the glacier was so close we felt we could touch it. The mountain claims to be at the TOP of Austria and we certainly felt on a high.

The winding road was also visually interesting and we came down 1,000 metres in 15 mins with both ear and eye popping scenery.  The weather collapsed with pouring rain as we got down from the windy road.
We are staying at the Hotel St Georg (Georg - Captain Von Trapp ) in Zell Am See (on a pretty lake), A swim in a warm pool (28c) and sauna felt very hot (50c).


  1. It is amazing up there, isn't it? Enjoy your time in Austria. It is a wonderful place.

  2. Those snowy mountains look amazing, and cold - then I noticed some bare legs in shorts in the photo!