Friday, 13 May 2011

Beautiful Buis

Today we started lazily with our sugar laden muesli (I am laughing about this - you probably won't! The muesli is very different but nice - I mentioned this, this morning and separately both Glenn and Kathy told me 'Yes, but it has a lot of sugar'.) Sorry must get back to something interesting so you will read on.

Buis market was on this morning so we strolled out our front door, down the lane and there it was - and continued on to several streets. There was fruit, vegetables, olives, meat, hot chickens, samosas, paella, fish, cheese, handbags, shoes, lavender, mattresses, jewellery in about 50 stalls. I know many who would have spent many happy hours there. We mainly bought food. We came home and were very French having a big lunch. We set up the table on our little lane. Several people came past and wished us bon appetite!

Kathy, Keith and I went for a lovely walk up the hill this afternoon while Glenn wrote emails to his family and checked the sharemarket. (He did not check the Raider's scores!) It was very hot. Very different to Canberra we hear.

View across Buis to the Baronnies that surround it.
View of Buis with olive grove in the foreground

View of Buis. In the middle of town there are two thin trees.
Our cottage is just to the left of them.

View of the next valley up the hill from Buis.
This was our first introduction to Provence.

In Buis 16th Century building just around the corner
from where we are staying.

In the Buis markets. I would have loved to buy one of these
casserole dishes if it I didn't have to get it back home.

Having lunch in the laneway just outside our front door.
We bought all the food at the markets.
All the passers by said 'Bon Apetite'.

In the centre of Buis. Can you see Glenn, Kathy and Keith?

In a village nearby. This church is built
on top of a huge high rock.
Amazing where they have built some things.



  1. Hi All looks like your having a wonderful time. The markets lunch outside your front door looked great. What was on the menu, how are you finding the food? Fantastic photos. Have fun

    Love Terry D

  2. It didn't disappear it's showing twice for me.