Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cinque Terre - Perfect one day, Beautiful the next!

We are in Sirmione and back online! However we need to update you with our experiences in the wonderful Cinque Terre.
Five villages joined together with paths established hundreds of years ago now a tourist mecca for the brave and adventurous. We began driving down a one lane cliff hanging road, well done Glenn! and then settled into our authentic charming room and cosy studio after being welcomed by Giacomo.
Day 1 We set off on the walk from Vernazza to Monterossa with many Americans, Australians and Europeans, we were surprised we didn't hear any English accents. Again we found ourselves on a one lane path squeezing past many people coming the other way. Views along the way were stunning and well worth every step we had to climb. After that we caught the ferry along the coast to the village at the other end called Riomaggiore and walked lovers lane (too easy). Finally we trained home.
Day 2  Another beautiful sunny day and we trained to Corniglia, walked up 386 steps and then hiked back to Vernazza. So many opportunities for glorious views of villages perched on cliffs and beautiful headlands that it was hard to stop taking pictures, even Glenn wanted to have a shot! The afternoon was spent eating icecreams, lazing in the sun, talking to other travellers and Meryl and Kathy even had a swim in the Mediterranean cold but lovely, those boys are wimps! WE LOVED CINQUE TERRE!!!!!

What a glorious coastline!




Corniglia and beyond


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  1. Wonderful places and beautiful photos! Janelle x