Tuesday, 19 April 2011

We have lift off!

The long awaited journey has commenced. We were farewelled by Andrew and Penny from Canberra and everything has gone very smoothly. All the flights left on time. We had a lovely set of seats on the A380 from Melbourne. Sleep was difficult to achieve on the Air France B777 but we arrived safely. Caught the train in from the airport and, being the expert travellers we are, we guided a lost soul from Wangaratta into town. The long climb up from the station was notable for the attempted pickpocketing of Kathy. Fortunately we noticed what was happening and nipped it in the bud - or perhaps they realised they were about to steal a pair of sunglasses and gave up.

We spent the morning wandering about taking in the atmosphere at Notre Dame Catheral and having a nice breakfast. We were going to see the Impressionists at the Musee d'Orsay but the 1km long line put us off. We will be back another day. Have now checked into our 'full of character' hotel and are resting pending another foray into the joys of Paris. The weather is spectacular blue skies and mid 20s, perfect.


  1. Great to hear all went well with the flights. Enjoy paris! Terry and Julie arrived safely and we had a nice chat with them. One tragedy tonight was that survivor wasn't on :( we watched harry potter instead. We had a great dinner with Ian and Rebecca.

  2. Sounds wonderful already except for the pickpocketing! Poor Kathy.