Wednesday, 27 April 2011

From History to Religion

We went to the Battle of Normandy Museum which we all thought was very well done and extremely interesting. Mont-St-Michel was worth a visit but incredibly touristy - about 10,000 people there. We were delighted to leave the madding crowds to our peaceful B&B out in the countryside with our friendly English hosts.
British War Cemetry, Bayeux 
At Mont-St-Michel

Our B&B - Petite Chesnee


  1. Hi Meryl and 3 more, I've finally seen your spectacular photos. Youv'e been to some wonderful places and the weather has looked great too. I kept logging in to your blog but could only see the orginial page each time.. with no other entries. I finally found the "home' button and it all ame to life!love from Grandma and Grandpa xxxx

  2. Enjoying the blog! Love the photos, what a great selection. The first one with the poppies is beautiful photo - who took it?

  3. It was your mother and she is very pleased with herself.