Monday, 25 April 2011

Les Andelys, Rouen and Etretat

Our drivers Glenn and Keith are doing a great job. They say they are finding it easier driving on the wrong this time after the practice in America. We followed our 'Back Roads of France' book and found the two delightful villages of Les Andelys and Lyons-la-Foret. In Les Andelys we went up to ruins of Chateau Gaillard which had breathtaking views across the valley. It was built in 1196!

We stayed the night in Rouen. It is a lovely city. The tour of the clock tour was very interesting and we saw the oldest restaurant in France opened in 1345! Also saw many churches and enjoyed some lovely music for Easter Sunday but did not sit through a French sermon. Piping hot chocolate croissants straight out of the oven were a delicious start to the day!

This afternoon we visited Etretat with half of France!! It was incredibly busy and took us ages to find a park. The French were enjoying the beach (all stones and water 13 degrees!!!). Many were also doing as we were - climbing up the while cliffs. Stunning scenery. Now we are back in our B&B in the countryside.

View from Chateau Guillard to Les Andelys
Famous clock in Rouen

We have eaten a few of these!!


  1. These places look so beautiful as do the cakes! Must add these places and Monet's garden to my list of places to go.

  2. Love the photos! I think I'd the love the desserts too! =)